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Washington DC Trip 7

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SOLD OUT Wednesday June 1, 2022 Bus Trip to DC $50.00 per person SOLD OUT

 The buses will pick us up at the hotel at 0930 to take us to Arlington Cemetery where we will spend about two hours.

There will be trolley cars to take us around AC, stopping at key sites along the tour. There is limited seating for the trolley car service.. You can pay for and reserve your seats for the trolley at the reunion registration  table, which will be located in front of the hospitality  room in the hotel. The cost per seat is not confirmed at this time. The seats will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. There will be some public trollies available at AC which also will be ticked  on a first come first serve basis at AC when we arrive. The public trollies pick up and drop off throughout the day. 

The next stop will be the VNV Memorial Wall where we will spend about two hours, during which time we will have a short ceremony to place a wreath in Honor of Our Fallen Heroes.

Our last stop will be at Ft. Meyer where the "Old Guard" will perform the Twilight Tattoo.

This is a long day as we plan to leave at 09:30 hrs and will return somewhere around 22:30 hrs.

A box lunch will be provided to you (included in the cost of the tour) when we board the buses in Gettysburg.

We may be stopping at a food court for dinner around 1800 hours where you will purchase your own selections.

You will have a choice of either a ham or turkey sandwich in your box lunch. One lunch for each paid tour.

Type how many ham and how many turkey in the box.

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