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Redcatcher KIA Roster,               Medal of Honor Recipients,                                Distinguished Service Cross Recipients

Tet 1968 After Action Report,  Complete List of Officers that Served in the 199th LIB in Viet Nam from 1966 to 1970

 Presidential Unit Citation,      Brigade Summaries (106 pages) From May 68 thru July 1970,        Valorous Unit Award

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Past and Present 199th Infantry Brigade "Redcatcher" Soldiers  , NCOs and Officers.

     It is our pleasure to write this letter to everyone that is a part of the Redcatcher Family and the long and colorful heritage of this Brigade. CSM Roy Young and I have had the pleasure of leading this exceptional Brigade for just over a year now, and would like to take some time to inform everyone of the current status of the Brigade. our goal is to establish a connection between past and current generations of Redcatchers.

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(Term of office to Expire 7-1-2021)


President Hugh Foster

Vice President Laurie Ruffino

Treasurer Robert Cusick

Secretary Richard Masters



(Term of Office to Expire 7-1-2021)


Roy Peters Chairman

Richard Aquinaga

Jim Brinker

Ray Brown

Steve Brown

Walter Bynum

Bud Gardner

Gary Underiner

Johnny Velasquez

Dan Warden




Bernard Loeffke Honorary Brigade Commander

Mel Hanson Honorary Brigade Sergeant Major

Harold Hunt Brigade Chaplain

Rey Flauta Reunion Committee

Sam Toven Manager of PX and Website

Ted Lackland Of Counsel

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