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2018 Reunion

Attention all Redcatchers

If anyone has any questions concerning reservations or anything else about the upcoming Branson MO 2018 Redcatcher Reunion or anything else relative to the reunion call Jim Brinker at 814 706 7475. 

Apparently there have been some glitches in the reservation system at the hotel, which they have addressed and should be up and running properly now.

Again if you encounter any problems please call Jim Brinker 814 706 7475. 

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I would like to extend a cordial invitation to ALL Redcatcherís to join us next year June 18-22, 2018 in Branson, MO for our annual reunion.

Stop and think of how old we are getting, and most of us are in or near the 70ís.

Some of you have never been to a reunion and I strongly encourage you to think about attending.

Some of you have not attended in a long time, while there are some who may have differences with this organization.

Let these bad feelings go out by the wayside, and think of who you are, and what you did as a Vietnam Veteran. This must stop, but itís certainly up to you.

If anyone has any concerns they would like to share with me in hopes to resolve any matter you have my email address and phone.

Let us share the good things and memories we have that no one else has.

Join us

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher


Johnny Velasquez

President, 199th LIB (Redcatchers)



2018 Redcatcher Reunion Mail in Registration Form


You can now register for the 2018 Redcatcher Reunion that will be held in Branson Mo.

Monday June 18, 2018 thru Friday June 22, 2018.  Early arrival Saturday June 16, 2018

 For more information about the reunion click on "2018 Reunion" on the menu bar above.

You can register on line with a credit card by going to the PX , remember you must be logged in using your member ID and Password to have access to the PX.

You can also Register by mail :

Click here to download a mail in Registration Form.


Click here for information about the upcoming Reunion Golf Tournament.

August 1,2017

2018 Redcatcher Reunion

Here is some information for the Redcatcher 2018 Reunion. We will post updates and any changes or additions as they become available.

Location:         Radisson Hotel, 120 S. Wildwood Drive, Branson, MO 65616.

Be sure to identify as Redcatcher Reunion Attendees when making reservations.  Hotel phone number is 417-335-5767.

Dates:             Monday June 18, 2018 thru Friday June 22, 2018.  Early arrival Saturday June 16, 2018.

Room Rates:   $127.75 per night.  This includes taxes and also up to two breakfast buffets per room.

Monday:         Reunion registration, Opening/Memorial Ceremony.

Tuesday:         Dinner and Show on the Showboat Branson Belle at Table Rock Lake. $52.00 per person.

Wednesday:     Evening show at the Dixie Stampede which includes a full dinner with great entertainment.  $56.00 per person.                     

Thursday:        Redcatcher Banquet with Full Buffet Dinner. $50.00 per person.

You will again be able to Register for the Reunion and all events on line or by mail as soon as the registration form is complete and ready to go.

For future updates and information click on 2018 Reunion on the menu bar above.

June 24,2017

Fellow Redcatchers,

I want to thank all those Redcatchers and their families who attended the Reno Reunion. And it is my hope that you had a great time getting together with old and new friends.

And I hope that you will join us in June of next year in Branson, MO

So please make plans for this event.

Information will be forth coming soon

I would like to thank all those first timers who joined us. There was nothing less than smiles along with a few tears on their faces. Welcome home Brothers.

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher



Johnny Velasquez

President, 199th LIB (Redcatchers)

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