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Dear Redcatchers,

Without a doubt it has been my honor to serve as President of this Organization for the past three years, and as I look back at those three years I ask myself what was accomplished. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is bringing all Redcatchers together as one organization, and I hope never again shall we come to any disagreement with each other which splits us up again.

The second was the 50th Anniversary of the 199th LIB held at Fort Benning.

My intention is not to write a book but rather than thank all who have supported this organization.

But before I end I personally want to thank all my staff for the hard work they have put in getting all reunions ready for you, and without them I could not have done it.

I welcome Hugh Foster as your new President and have no doubt that he will bring this Association to and even higher level.

Lillian and I want to wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July and hope to see you next year in Buffalo, NY.

May God bless every Redcatcher and their families.

And Remember,

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher


Johnny Velasquez

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