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Long Journey

I wanted to post the following announcement-if appropriate- to your newsletter or website. I recently completed a book that honored teh 25 men killed in Vietnam from our community-two of which were Redcatchers- John Dixon and Ray Meekins. The book is called "The Long Journey Home: The Untold Stories of Forgotten Soldiers" by Craig Blackman.
It is based on a 2014 AP US class project that changed the lives of my students. It is a powerful example of civic engagement and a reminder of the influence teachers have in the classroom and a truly inspiring story. It is the story of how a diverse group of post-millenials rediscovered their local history and truly understood the cost of war. They went beyond the learning objectives and developed relationships with Gold Star families that changed their lives.


Craig Blackman

National Museum of the US Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA

The 199thInfantry Redcatcher Association is engaged in a project at the National Museum of the US Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA.  This project consists of 3 phases.  Phase 1 was the purchase of a Unit Tribute Plaque.  Phases 2 & 3 consist of the laying of commemorative bricks along the Path of Remembrance at the entrance to the Museum.

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Wednesday May 27 Bus Trip to DC $40.00 per person

 Our tour will include the Vietnam Memorial where we will place the name cards of our fallen brothers. Other actions may also be planned for this stop. The buses will then take us to Arlington National Cemetery. The seats for the tour by "trolley” car at Arlington have been sold out and the price for the DC Trip has been reduced to $40 from the original price which was $51 which included the $11 for the trolley tour at Arlington. There will be some public buses available at Arlington which can not be reserved in advance because they are first come first serve the day you are there. These public buses pick up and drop off at several locations all day long.

Our last stop will be at Ft. Meyers where the "Old Guard” will perform the Twilight Tattoo. This is a long day as we plan to leave at 08:30 hrs and will return somewhere around 21:00 hrs.

The cost of the bus and trolley is $40 per person, including children. Seating will be limited to full busloads.


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