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Riquier, Leo P.  
Schroeder, Wm. S.  
Scheopner, Thomas M.  
Scott, Michael  
Shamp, Ron  
Dates with Brigade: 69/70
Suzzi, Henry  
Santos, Joe M.  
Rothblatt, Jim  
Yearman, Richard  
Robinson, Frank  
Unit - Other: 72INF
Company: E
Williams, Wayne  
Roberts, Wm. G.  
Robbins, David  
Dates with Brigade: 68
Tran, Ta  
Towns, Delbert  
Company: D C HHQ
Dates with Brigade: 66/67
Reel, Robert A.  
Reynolds, Carrol  
Thielesen, Carl R. SHORTY  
Company: E D
Dates with Brigade: 67/68
Swearingen Jr., Michael D.  
Unit - Other: 40th PID
Company: HHC
Dates with Brigade: 67/68
Perry, Wayne  
Unit - Other: Fireball Aviation
Dates with Brigade: 69
1 to 20 of 2627 << < 1 2 3 4 5 ... > >>    
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