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Jones, walter  
Unit: 4th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: Alpha
Dates with Brigade: 7/67 to 7/68
Home Town: Norristown, Pa
Jones, Willie  
Unit: 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry
Unit - Other: 199 th inf
Company: B
Dates with Brigade: oct 1968 to jan 1969
Home Town: Memphis
Unit: 2nd Battalion 40th Artillery
Unit - Other: 2nd Battaliion 3rd Infantry
Company: C
Dates with Brigade: 12/68 TO 12/69
Home Town: Antioch,Ca
Jordan, Ernie  
Unit: 5th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: Delta
Dates with Brigade: 03/69 to 11/69
Home Town: Leonardville Kansas
jowell, darrell  
Unit: 152nd Military Police Platoon
Dates with Brigade: 03/68 to 03/69
Home Town: garland texas
Juilfs, Jerry  
Unit: 4th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: Charlie
Dates with Brigade: 02/69 to 01/70
Home Town: Golden, Illinois
Julianna, Dennis  
Unit: 4th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: A
Dates with Brigade: Sept 66-Aug 67
Home Town: Yonkers,NY
66 to 72 of 72 << < 1 2 3 4 > >>  
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