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Ide, Edward  
Unit: 2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry
Company: Delta Company
Dates with Brigade: 07/68 to 02/69
Home Town: Glencoe, MN
Iverson, Arthur  
Unit: 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
Company: A
Dates with Brigade: 09/66 - 06/68
Home Town: Vancouver, WA
Iverson, James  
Unit: 7th Support Battalion
Company: B Company
Dates with Brigade: 10-66 to 9-67
Home Town: Petersburg, North Dakota
Unit: 2nd Battalion 40th Artillery
Company: 2/40/B
Dates with Brigade: 02/68 - 6/68
Isaacs, Glenn  
Unit: 4th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: E-Recon/LRRP and Tiger Patrol
Dates with Brigade: 01/69 to 01/70
Home Town: Edwardsville, Illinois
Imel, James  
Unit: Troop D, 17th Cavalry
Dates with Brigade: 10/67 to 05/68
Home Town: Indianaplois
Inman, Diane (Mark Bundy)  
Unit: 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
Company: C
Dates with Brigade: 07/69 to 01/70
Home Town: Bedford, Indiana
Indra, Gary  
Unit: 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
Company: D
Dates with Brigade: 7/69 - 09/70
Home Town: Chicago
Irvin II, Frank  
Unit: 5th Battalion 12th Infantry
Company: HHQ
Dates with Brigade: 03/69 to 12/69
Home Town: New Orleans, LA
Isbel, Ted  
Unit: 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
Company: E
Dates with Brigade: 66/67
Irving, John  
Unit: 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
Company: Delta
Dates with Brigade: 02/70 to 09/70
Home Town: Rockville, Md
Inglima, Richard  
Unit: 179th Military Intelligence Detachment
Dates with Brigade: 10/68-10/69
Home Town: Homer alaska
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