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February 25, 2017 - Special Notice:


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 November 13, 2016 To Present and Past Members of the 199th

We end 2016 thanking all who made our reunion such a success. We welcome 2017 with new pavers honoring those killed and wounded of our Brigade. Colonel Streeter and Sargent Major attended the ceremony on Veterans Day that saw the installing of the pavers in Heritage Walk. One thousand dollars were donated to the Brigade for memorials. Few know that our Brigade is the only unit involved in training troops for combat and, at the same time, enhancing the bonds of friendship with China. Sargent Larry Morford, of the 199th, who was killed in Vietnam is recognized by many in the US and China as a role model of selfless service. Sargent Morford was a reluctant warrior who did not believe in war. When asked why, if he felt this way, had he volunteered he responded that he could not stay at home while other young men were fighting for his country. He is known by many by a sentence he wrote after a battle; The "Least Beastly of us should be doing the fighting." There are Sargent Morford awards given annually to individuals who help those in need. In China, a University has published a book that tells the Sargent Morford story. We can read excerpts of the English Version by clicking the title "China Our Enemy? A General's Story” on We are also building Peacemaker communities of Hope in the Caribbean that honor Sargent Morford. At the entrance of these communities are signs honoring Sargent Morford. We visit, annually, one community to teach preventative medicine to children. We do the same with West Point cadets in villages in China. We have exposed many to the 199th, both at home and abroad. Get involved and join us. We leave for Honduras in February and to China in May.

May we all have soft landings in 2017.

Bernard Loeffke Major General US Army (R) Honorary Colonel 199th LIB Founder,

Helping Others Today


January 22, 2017

To all my Fellow Redcatchers,

It is with a very sad heart that I inform you of the passing of Charlie Liteky (Father Angelo J. Liteky).
I was to see him at the hospital this coming week but time ran out.
I am sure that those Redcatcher who knew him know that no man could do what he did while in Vietnam.
At the present there are no plans for a funeral,but is I find out I will pass it on.
He gave me this 8x10 photo prior to leaving Vietnam the first time and before receiving the Medal of Honor.
I salute you Charlie and may God Bless you for you’ve earned your rest.
Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher!
Johnny Velasquez
President, 199 LIB (Redcatchers)

January 20, 2017

 The 199th Mourns the loss of another Great Redcatcher.

Charles James "Charlie" Liteky (February 14, 1931 – January 20, 2017),

More about Father Liteky

December 11, 2016

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 October 29, 2016

The Redcatcher family has lost another of our former soldiers, MG Alfonso E. Lenhardt (Ret.). His distinguished 31 year military career began as an enlisted man. He graduated from OCS and served as a platoon leader in C 4/12. Among his military duties, he served as chief of staff/executive assistant to the director for the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, Director of Personnel and Installation Management, head of the military police, and was commanding general of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. After leaving military service, he was Sergeant of Arms of the U.S. Senate. He later served in several executive positions in private industry and received an appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania. He was scheduled to attend our last reunion but was unable to do so. As with all of our Redcatcher brethren, he will be missed.

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher


Johnny Velasquez


September 9, 2016

Fellow Redcatchers,

With all that is going on in my life these days is nothing more than a blessing as I open my eyes every morning I thank the good Lord for another day.

Speaking of blessings, we had nothing short of a tremendous reunion and turnout last June in Columbus and Fort Benning.

At times the Hospitality Room was standing room only, and the Memorial Banquet was a complete sell-out.

I want to thank all those who were involved in the preparation, and during the reunion helping out because it would not have been successful were it not for you all.

I also want to thank the Commander of the Active Duty 199th and all his personnel for rolling out the red carpet in making us feel welcomed on Post.

We had many Gold Star families attending including the wife and daughter of Billy C. Jones who was co-named for Camp Frenzell-Jones).

We also had the Daughter, Grandson, and Great Grandson of General Frederic E. Davison, the former Commander of the 19tth in Vietnam.

Never did I in vision all who attended weather it was the first time (and we had many), and to those who always show up.

The memories of the 50th Anniversary will linger for years to come.

I hope at this time you are considering coming to the next reunion to be held in Reno, NV. The hotel is outstanding and spacious. Some think that it will be hard to get to via Air. The airport is very large and flights come in from everywhere. 

There will be so much to do while they’re that you may not have enough time to play the machines.

Finally, it was my pleasure seeing everyone at the 50th and hope to see everyone next years.

And remember,

Stay Safe and Always Stay Redcatcher


Johnny Velasquez

June 27, 2016


2017 Redcatcher Reunion dates:  Monday June 19th thru Friday June 23rd, 2017. 

Early arrivals Saturday/Sunday June 17th and 18th.

Location:  Silver Legacy Resort/Casino, 407 North Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada.

For room reservations:  Phone 800-687 8733.  Room rates are: Monday thru Thrusday- $70.00, Weekends $100.00. Rates include one $10.00 food voucher per room.  WHEN CALLING THE HOTEL FOR ROOM RESERVATIONS YOU MUST USE THE CODE IDENTIFIER:  LIB 17.  We are planning to arrange a dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe for Wednesday evening and the banquet will be on Thursday evening.  The cost per event can not be determined until six months prior to the reunion date. The Reno Rodeo which is considered the Wildest, Riches Rodeo in the West will take place during the week of our reunion. This should be an exciting time for some if not all. There are many exciting things to do in the Reno Area. Therefore a lot of our reunion activities will be self paced. If you have questions relative to reservations or events you can contact Jim Brinker at 814 706 7475.

Just to let everyone know, there are fees and taxes that are added to the room rates when you register. The actual cost of the rooms with the fees and taxes added are Monday thru Thursday $96.07 per night and Friday thru Sunday $130.12 per night.


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